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University of Western Australia
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The University of Western Australia (UWA) is one of Australia’s leading universities and has an international reputation for
excellence in teaching, learning and research.The University of South Australia is a young and vibrant institution with a 150-year historyof research, teaching and learning excellence.


UWA Research


The University has a strong commitment to excellence and this underpins all its activities, particularly in the areas of
research and teaching. UWA is responsible for the majority of university-based research and development in Western
Australia, attracting researchers of international standing.


UWA Relationships


UWA is the only Western Australian university to belong to the Group of Eight, a collaboration of the top research
universities in Australia.


It is a member of the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN), a partnership of 16 research-led universities across 5 continents.


UWA is a foundation member of a new international network of high-quality universities across seven nations, the Matariki Network of Universities (MNU). These leading researchintensive universities, which pride themselves on the quality of the university experience, are among some of the oldest institutions in their respective countries.




UWA is ranked 88th in the world according to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s internationally recognised Academic Ranking of World Universities 2014


UWA scored five star rankings in student demand, graduate outcomes, graduate starting salaries, getting a full-time job and research grants -The Good Universities Guide 2014 – the foremost non-government ranking of Australian universities


Ranked 84th in QS World University Rankings 2013 topuniversities.com


Ranked 4th out of 19 in Australia, 2013. Academic Ranking of World Universities, arwu.org


Ranked in the 51st – 75th band for Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy, 2011 Academic Ranking of World Universities, arwu.org


Ranked 24th in the world for Life and Agriculture Sciences Academic Ranking of World Universities arwu.org




Why Choose Taylors College



At Taylors College, our unique learning environment allows you to fulfil your ambitions and to enjoy life at university and beyond.


With a history spanning 90 years, Taylors College, has been offering quality pathway entry to Australian and International students. It began as George Taylor and Staff (GT&S) offering tuition to students of the University Melbourne and was one of 13 colleges at the time to do so. Whilst all of the other colleges eventually shut down, Taylors college, as it was later known, grew stronger and in 1952 recruited its first international student.


Measured by Success

Any College should be measured against the results of their students. Taylors College has an outstanding success rate spanning 90 years.


The Best Universities

Taylors College is the official pathway provider for some of the best universities including group of eight universities such as the University of Sydney and University of Western Australia as well as some top universities of New Zealand  - University of Auckalnd, Massey University and AUT University.


Best University Preparations

Taylors College Student enoy the vast experience of Taylors College tutoring with a customized curriculum to suit the needs of any student.


Best Results

Every year Taylors College students gain some of the best results and often do better than other university students when they progress to the degrees of their choice.


The Best Support and Care

Student gain the best support and care which includes helping students to adjust to a new country, but more inportantly involves access to a network of professional staff who are catered to offering the best advice with regard to studies and career options.  Taylors College encourages students to fulfill their ambitions and to enjoy rich and rewarding lives at university and beyond.


Students are allocated with a group advisor and a student dean who regularly montir the students attendnace and academic progress. Weaknesses are identified early and measures are taken to help remove them.


The Best Locations

Taylors colleges are situated in some of the best locations in Australia and New Zealand offering a metroplitan city lifestyle whilst still offering a stunning expreience of the otdoor surroundings.


Study Guides


Foundation students are provided with a comprehensive series of booklets that will guide you through the content of your course. They provide detail of curriculum and assessment tasks, supplementary course materials, learning support and much more. Study Guides are provided with each subject and they give you the crucial extra study material you need.






Your most effective pathway to The University of Western Australia (UWA) is via The University of Western Australia
Foundation Program (UWAFP).


A guaranteed place at UWA
Upon successful completion of UWAFP, you are guaranteed a place in the undergraduate course of your choice at UWA.


Access to UWA facilities
As a UWAFP student you will have access to UWA resources and facilities, including the library, Student Guild, clubs and societies.


A history of success
In 2013, 89% of UWAFP graduates were offered a place at UWA. Every year, almost 100% of our students receive an offer of tertiary study.


Flexible study options
UWAFP offers a flexible unit-based course structure. You can choose new units to study each term and build a program that is suited towards your university and career goals.


World class program
The combined educational expertise of UWA and Taylors College has been used to create UWAFP – providing you with an
ideal academic stepping stone into university-level studies.

A smooth transition to university
When studying UWAFP, you will learn how to study independently, work in groups, become a leader, conduct research and deliver
presentations – all the skills necessary for success at university.

Dedicated pathway to UWA

This program has been developed by Taylors College and UWA to provide you with the preparation you need to successfully enter UWA. Dedicated pathway to UWA UWA and Taylors College have worked closely together to
create The University of Western Australia Foundation Program. Collaboratively, we have developed a program which is the most
effective pathway to a place at The University of Western Australia.


Once you successfully complete the program and achieve the necessary requirements, you have two major advantages: firstly, a guaranteed place at UWA; secondly, the confidence that you have received the very best possible preparation for a UWA degree.


Feel part of the University
You will feel that you have strong links with UWA while you are studying the Foundation Program. As soon as you start your course you will have an orientation session and will maintain regular contact with the University during your studies. 

A choice of programs
Depending on your previous achievements and our requirements, you can choose the right program length for you. UWAFP is available across multiple intake dates.

Pathway Streams

Arts (Including Humanities and Communication)




Science (Engineering Science)

Entry Requirements UWAFP




Bangladesh: HSC/Standard 11 - 60%



Bangladesh: HSC/Standard 11 - 70%



Bangladesh: HSC/Standard 11 - 80%


ENGLISH Language Requirements


UWAFP (EXTENDED)                  ]


Academic IELTS      IELTS             5.0 (no band less than 5.0)


TOEFL PB                 500 (TWE 4)


TOEFL IBT                45 (writing no less than 21)


Academic PTE          42 (writing no less 42)




Academic IELTS     IELTS 5.5 (no band less than 5.0)


TOEFL PB                 513 (TWE 4)


TOEFL IBT                59 (writing no less than 21)


Academic PTE         46 (writing no less than 42)




Academic IELTS      IELTS 5.5 (no band less than 5.5)


TOEFL PB                 550 (TWE 4)


TOEFL IBT                68 (writing no less than 21)


Academic PTE          54 (writing no less than 42)





Taylors Diploma



By choosing to study a taylors diploma you are taking the first step towards entry into uwa, from which you will graduate with an internationally recognised qualification that will be well regarded by employers across the world. 



Unlike the foundation programme, students qualify for direct entry onto year two of their chosen degree upon successful completion.


Higher Education Diplomas in Australia are similar to courses known in some countries as International Year 1 - an advanced, one-year course of study equivalent to the fi rst year of an undergraduate degree program.


A Taylors College Diploma is the ideal program if you require more individual support and attention in your academic studies.


The aim is for you to graduate from the Diploma and enter UWA as a confi dent, capable and independent thinker who is
prepared for the challenges ahead.


Taylors College do this through:


Tertiary advisors

Advisors monitor progress carefully, and you will receive a report at the end of each term to ensure you are on track to achieve
your academic goals.


Pre-arrival pack

Taylors College provide a pre-arrival pack before you arrive at Taylors College that provides essential information about the Diploma, studying with us and life in Perth.


Orientation program
The orientation program will offer more information on the Diploma and the opportunity to meet teaching staff.


Dedicated support staff
Welfare is always the highest priority. Support staff provide care for all our students and assist with career counselling, accommodation and on-campus health care. In addition, there is a 24-hour emergency number.


Extra-curricular activities
A variety of activities provide a healthy balance between study and leisure. Sports and special interest clubs and societies are a great way to meet new people.


Pathway Streams


Scinece and Enginerering


Entry Requirements Taylors Diploma



Diploma in Commerce

Bangladesh: HSC/Standard 12 - with 55% average (maths compulsory)


Dicploma in Science (also for engineering)

Bangladesh: HSC/Standard 12 - with 55% average (maths and one relevant science subject compulsory)




Diploma in Commerce                  ]

Academic IELTS           IELTS 6.0 (no band less than 5.5

TOEFL PB                    550 (TWE 4)

TOEFL IBT                   68 (writing no less than 22)

Academic PTE             54 (writing no less than 46)


Diploma in Science

Academic IELTS         IELTS 6.0 (no band less than 5.5

TOEFL PB                   550 (TWE 4)

TOEFL IBT                  68 (writing no less than 22)

Academic PTE            54 (writing no less than 46)

















Dates and Prices UWASP

State Dates:

A 40-week Standard Program commencing in January and July
A 30-week Intensive Program commencing in April and October

A 60-week Extended Program commencing in January and July.



2015 Fees Payment Schedule
Taylors English Language
Preparation (TELP)
$495 per week      
January – Standard (40 weeks) $21,900 $10,950 On Acceptance $10,950 29/06/2015  
January – Extended (60 weeks) $31,080 $10,360 On Acceptance $10,360 29/06/2015 $10,360 11/01/2016
April – Intensive (30 weeks) $21,900 $10,950 On Acceptance $10,950 29/06/2015  
July – Standard (40 weeks) $21,900 $10,950 On Acceptance $10,950 11/01/2016  
July – Extended (60 weeks) $31,080 $10,360 On Acceptance $10,360 11/01/2016 $10,360 27/06/2016
October – Intensive (30 weeks) $21,900 $10,950 On Acceptance $10,950 11/01/2016  



Enrolment fee $300

Stationery & textbook costs (approx.) $300-500

Airport transfer fee (one way) $170

Living expenses per year (est.) $19,354









Dates and Prices TD


Start Dates

12 January - 20 March
16 February - 1 May
30 March - 5 June
4 May -24 July
22 June - 28 August
27 July - 9 October
7 September - 13 November
12 October - 24 December
23 November - 12 February 2016


English for Academic Purposes (EAP) (10 WEEKS) $420 per week

Access English

(10 study weeks)

  Fee (AU$) First Instalment Second Instalment Third Instalment
Diploma in Commerce

Taylors English Language

Preparation (TELP)

$495 per week      
February (8 months) $24,926 $12,463 On Acceptance $12,463 08/06/2015  
February (12 months) $24,926 $8,310 On Acceptance $8,308 08/06/2015 $8,308 12/10/2015
June (8 months) $24,926 $12,463 On Acceptance $12,463 12/10/2015  
June (12 months) $24,926 $8,310 On Acceptance $8,308 12/10/2015 $8,308 15/02/2016
October (8 months) $24,926 $12,463 On Acceptance $12,463 15/02/2016  
October (12 months) $24,926 $8,310 On Acceptance $8,308 15/02/2016 $8,308 13/06/2016
February (8 months) $24,500 $12,250 On Acceptance $12,250 08/06/2015  
February (12 months) $24,500 $8,167 On Acceptance $8,167 08/06/2015 $8,166 12/10/2015
June (8 months) $24,500 $12,250 On Acceptance $12,250 12/10/2015  
June (12 months) $24,500 $8,167 On Acceptance $8,167 12/10/2015 $8,166 15/02/2016
October (8 months) $24,500 $12,250 On Acceptance $12,250 15/02/2016  
October (12 months) $24,500 $8,167 On Acceptance $8,167 15/02/2016 $8,166 13/06/2016




Enrolment fee   


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